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Checking in

Posted by Mike on August 9, 2013

Looks like it has been three months since I posted last. I’m doing well but as always the challenges keep ramping up. I’ve been extremely blessed to be working with a new teacher who has almost completely redefined my perspectives on spirituality while still settling without conflict on the Golden Dawn base I started with. So much has been released and I find myself working more and more with that which we can only approach via metaphor. It is beautiful, terrifying, frustrating and rewarding and most of all it just strikes me with a sense of silent awe. I’ve been working with energy in what I’d call a very uncommonly objective system, one that has given me feedback in results, often when I’m completely oblivious of them until they’re unmistakeable. Each step has made sense in a way that always has some sort of objective or practical application and the work I’m doing now is something I might have laughed at a few years back or at least considered impossible.

As a result, I don’t write as much as I used to. The depths of this are always tremendously personal and when wounding is released it truly goes away and there really aren’t any choice words to explain the reshuffling. Arguments and debating, for example, are things I have no interest in anymore and I truly feel there’s just a bit too much white noise coming from the Golden Dawn community, too much tilting at windmills, or at least one in particular, even from people who really do good work. I’m also a lot more persuaded about the value of having someone personally guide you through the spiritual landscape and wouldn’t recommend self initiation in any way, at least after a point. The number of times my teacher has said “no that’s not it” is pretty high at this point and that’s not something you get on your own in any way.

So I’ve actually put away a lot of the occult books, at least for now.  Almost everything I can talk about are situations that I’m viewing from an energetic level even when they are about helping a friend, courting and dating, helping to create a more grounded workplace, etc. I’m learning that outcomes are often an ego construct in these situations and, instead, looking at life and each chapter as the next part of the journey, often even when friends are expecting certain outcomes. It often means refusing to walk away when something brings up a trigger and shelving the expectations. I’ve found that energy often weaves people’s lives together in a way that means there is work to be done and that I’m learning the tools to help facilitate these connections and the universe’s purpose behind them, and most importantly not clinging to the desire for each connection to go where my ego wants it to.

Anyway that’s likely to be it for a while and hopefully that makes some sense to readers, those that are, at least, left. Light, love and contentment to all. – Mike


2 Responses to “Checking in”

  1. haearnych said

    Which, of course, begs the question: “What are you studying at present?”

    • haearnych said

      Outside of the potential, seeming, hypothetical nature to my previous question, I truly am interested in knowing what you are currently studying.

      The GD in wrought with in-fighting and ego-dramas amongst its supposed higher members. Occasionally, a balanced individual will speak their perspective, but that seems more often to be the exception instead of the rule. Largely, it speaks poorly for the system.

      What are the alternatives?

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