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Wee status update

Posted by Mike on April 9, 2013

Have been very busy and finding it fairly difficult to explain, but I ran across this pretty wonderful quote in Josephine McCarthy’s “Magical Knowledge: Book II” that kind of explains it perfectly (I laughed out loud when I read this):

But if you rise to the challenge, then more things will be put in your path and the tasks that will be thrown your way might have no connection to the stream of magic/spirituality that you are initiated into. You become a worker in their eyes and they will give you jobs; they don’t care what robes you wear or who’s books you read. If you have a specific ability, then chances are the initiation will wake up and strengthen that ability so that it can be used.

Anyway what it is wasn’t at all what I expected and I struggled and wrestled with it a bit before I surrendered to it. It is having a surprising effect on the people close to me and my teacher is not only really good but seriously funny too. It’s crazy weird adjusting to being happy again after a couple¬†hard years, but it really has been worth it in every way. In the end, however, I think the happy Mike will be blogging less, the kind of things I used to work through here just don’t exist any longer.


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