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Posted by Mike on January 10, 2013

The last few months have been amazing, today the best day I can remember for a really long time. For those of you have been of assistance over the last couple years, this is the first time I’ve really been able to say that things are finally improving. I have had massive changes on the personal front and perspective is growing in away that is quite simply leading to service to others and loving it. In the end, the autobiography is getting too large, too personal, too cosmic to feel like I can put a brain around it anymore.

I am still going to do the book, the same purpose, but while before the last few months I thought I’d need surveys and autobiographies to write it, now I don’t. I’ve been doing a lot of research into birth charts and their relationship to the Path of Return and working with an amazing teacher on a personal level and a lot of doors are opening now. All the graceful and astonishing resonances are bountiful now, overflowing. For months, I wasn’t sure, I got thrown a pretty huge curveball in September, but, the lense is a lot cleaner now. This is likely to mean a lot lower activity for a while here, as the writing self funnels its time for the book and service.


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