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Going quite well

Posted by Mike on November 13, 2012

I like to communicate, thus the blog, but am finding it more and more difficult to do so. Things are going very well now. I’ve been hesitant to really come out and state it because time is a better judge over the efficacy of something, but I spent a good year or two stuck in something of a very painful loop and finally found my way out of it (knock on wood, etc.). The thing is, when you live with something like that for so long you become used to it, and so now I feel like I’m dealing with NOT having it around, which is very, very new.

Essentially the theory of it is that spiritual progress hits the snags of emotional wounding at some point. At a certain point, the intensity of things begins to trigger and retrigger old patterns and often this is not obvious in any way except that you know you’re miserable and don’t see a way out. I was fortunate to come across someone who understands this like a surgeon and in what was essentially one session, I managed to divest myself of the lion’s share of this wounding.

I know this probably isn’t very clear, so let’s just say that for a couple of years it was rare to not have a deep dive into some very uncomfortable emotional places. We’re talking, say, bereavement level grief at some point nearly every day for two years. Sometimes that level of grief coming along and wiping you out for say 30 minutes, only to be completely functional again almost immediately. To the point where you literally dread when it will come up again because you’re not sure what’s triggering it or what’s being triggered.

So I found someone who understood just about every symptom of this whole thing, learned some basic techniques for managing it and then went through what I’d call a healing session. Or let’s just┬ábe objective here. I had these issues as expressed above, had this session, and now I don’t have these issues, or if I do they’re at a much more bearable level. Quite frankly the effects of this were immediate. I’ve had no episodes of bereavement-level grief since, when I distinctly remember having them almost every day and sometimes several times a day for about two years.

One day I hope to write about all of this in greater detail, but it’s still a bit new, not to mention it’s all tremendously exciting and extremely profound. And I keep thinking I’m going to have a dive again because I’d gotten so used to the idea, so the fact that I’m not really even coming close anymore is just beyond miraculous. I get the impression the next month or two is going to be highly interesting.


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A small update

Posted by Mike on November 5, 2012

Regarding the Golden Dawn Survey. First, thanks to those who replied to the survey, it is much appreciated. Unfortunately, it has been a while since I got a response and it’s not looking like I’ll have what I need to write the book. I will, however, leave the survey open with the hope that eventually enough responses come in to justify the project or until circumstances change.

I’d like to write it and have a story of my own as backbone to the project, but one man’s initiation won’t cover the possible range of experiences to be found in working the Golden Dawn system, which is why a survey is necessary to the endeavor. So if you had considered filling it out and passed, do reconsider.

Anyway I will leave the survey up through the end of the year.

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