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Report from the Rabbithole

Posted by Mike on October 3, 2012

Finished this last Friday. My art output has slown down quite a bit over the last couple months (new project, details forthcoming), but I managed to fit this one in. I start some of these pieces by just grabbing a blank paper and letting it flow. With this one it was about an hour or two before I realized I’m finally doing an owl. And then the synchronicities went berserk all week. It’s name, “Familiar,” was intended to capture just about all that word’s different meanings.

Like probably about everyone, I’m constantly battling with the amount of sales phone calls I get, I’ve gotten on the Do Not Call list and the works, which while it does tend to minimize these calls, doesn’t seem to eradicate them (how this one particular carpet cleaning place can stay in business… another story). So for the most part I’m forewarned when they come in and don’t answer them. But over the last week or two, I keep getting one “Out of Area” call that seems to trigger my intuition for some reason. On Saturday this call came in at 11:16 AM and I got the hugest impression I should answer it, but I can’t remember an Out of Area call before that wasn’t a sales call so I let the answering machine get it. Only for it to come on with a background noise like an airport and a familiar female voice which said “Heeyy Mike” like she knew me. And just like that the Out of Area calls stopped, not a single once since. 



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