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The last week

Posted by Mike on September 10, 2012

Perhaps the most unnerving thing about writing something related to self transformation is that the process doesn’t stop when you start writing. That would be too convenient. Something can remain a mystery after it leaves the orbit of your life, but when that mystery continues to orbit your life, it can be extremely unnerving. To say I’m way outside of the comfort zone right now would be an understatement.

I was looking at an old journal entry this weekend, it’s one that stood out as it happened to fall on a good friend’s birthday early last year. At this point in life I was nearly begging for help from the inner on how to resolve the major conflict in my life. What came back was to love unconditionally and to try not to control anything. Like all effective transmissions this is extremely solid advice on all accounts, in particularly for heavily thinking Virgos who often become overbalanced in trying to control everything from the Hod perspective. I often tend think of this as a pitfall for thinking minds, that need to tie up an entire perspective from the rational end. Which doesn’t work.

Like anything effective such good advice isn’t usually absorbed right away, in fact it often seems like the next period of time is learning what happens when you don’t follow the advice. But I think this is an important facet of the whole thing because in many ways the type of situation I’m in is almost tailor made as something I couldn’t have any possible effect on from a lower perspective. It’s, of course, more important to me than anything else in my life, ever, and it is absolutely playing major havoc with synchronicity and premonition.

Strangely enough the phenomenon seems to be very close to that of the “twin flame” paradigm which seems to be partially theosophic, partially Elizabeth Clare Prophet and mostly disturbing because it’s so new agey and saccharinely romantic. Which makes me wonder if the whole theory is either true in some way or heavily distorted. Because it’s still the age old theme of searching for that lost piece. When that piece seems to have immanentized with another human being to the point that every encounter sets off all sort of premonitory, personal alarms for the previous 24 hours to an encounter, it can be highly unnerving.


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