Mike’s Prattle


A year later

Posted by Mike on August 28, 2012

On September 1 last year I posted my first piece of artwork and a couple days ago I finished my 74th. And very much like last year I’m yet again experiencing a really numinous period of time. While I am planning, in a certain manner, to relate the story of the last few years, I feel at times that every time I try to get my mind around it, it grows.

Last night, a lot of the emotion of the last couple years came up again, for the first time in a really long time and for no particular reason I could figure out. Some of those who have heard my story know that it had to do with a woman named after a goddess, someone who has since passed out of my life. So when yesterday I got the emotional reaction followed by owl synchronicities, I found it really strange because it was the type of activity that usually led to some sort of mega-synchronicity having to do with this woman.

And so the nagging was bothering me most of the day today, this strange and numinous connection I’ve never really been able to fully understand with someone who I haven’t seen in months. Until lunch, when she walked in the restaurant I was at (and yes we talked). I am still so stunned it’s hard to get my head around.


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