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A small tribute to Skip Dudchous

Posted by Mike on June 12, 2012

I still remember it like it was yesterday when my Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn set showed up, wrapped in bag and purple paper and the sheer, unmitigated joy I had flipping through the cards for the first time. Especially when I reached The Sun card and that look the two children are giving each other, in many ways I felt like I had found my deck.

When I bought the deck (and I think I have #68) I was a new Golden Dawn student, not at all knowing what was ahead of me, including the fact that I would end up doing my own Golden Dawn inspired artwork one day. When I think of other artists and magicians who might have influenced this at some point, it’s hard not to think of Skip Dudchous.

Skip’s cards are full of light and beauty and even though his deck appears to be out of print you can see all the cards in this book. I was struck really hard by word of his passing even though I didn’t know him, because his artwork was such an obvious reflection of the reality of the divine dawning.

RIP Skip, you will be missed.


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