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Venus Transit

Posted by Mike on June 6, 2012

I took the time to go through the journals yesterday to see what was going on during the last Venus transit, the other one in the pair. This happened on 6/8/04. I started esoteric work in the late 90s but as it turns out June 2004 was the time I started working with the LBRP and other more GD-specific material.


2 Responses to “Venus Transit”

  1. Suecae said

    You will have to ask me to stop asking you questions if you find it bothersome… 🙂 Since the LBRP is such a central ritual in the expanded GD current (which also counts for solitary practitioners post-Regardie), I can’t help to be curious as to what different peoples takes on it are. 🙂 Do you still perform it, and what kind of role would you describe that it has for you?

    • Mike said

      By all means, ask away. 🙂

      I think the LBRP is the cornerstone of the tradition (at least in terms of solitary work) and do it at least twice daily, opening and closing my daily rituals. I think it’s a lot more powerful and transformative than it’s ever given credit for, probably because it’s usually the first ritual almost any Golden Dawn school teaches and so it’s easy to want to move on to the more advanced work. Sometimes I call it “the little engine that could” which probably reflects my sense of humor more than anything else. 🙂

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