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Archangel Cassiel

Posted by Mike on June 2, 2012




3 Responses to “Archangel Cassiel”

  1. Suecae said

    Intriguing rendition. The face kind of goes away from the antropomorfic, it seems to me. A curious question, is your rendition related to your own labora/work, aside from art?

    • Mike said

      This isn’t how I would visualize Cassiel in ritual so much as it’s playing with some facets of Saturn being related to time. I was sort of going for a look of an aged tree, which actually comes from some incense experience and the way a lot of quality older woods can really play with one’s sense of time and memory. Think grandfather clock or maybe even a treant (fantastical living trees). Unfortunately I’m not sure I pulled it off all that well as viewers are finding it a lot darker than I intended.

      • Suecae said

        I see. It’s always interesting to see how people interpret what you do, especially when it differs. You learn a lot in the process.

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