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Posted by Mike on May 30, 2012



Trinary was also chosen as part of this journal:

For a little while I’ve been trying to write a post about art (or art and Art if you will). I started doing my art in September 2011 and never really expected to end up looking at 60 pieces 3/4 of a year later. This weekend we had a lot of family and friends in town, some I haven’t seen in many years, and I was asked a lot what led to being an artist.

The answer is very complicated and I’m not sure I have the perspective yet to even address it, particularly as the story might have the tendency to be an apologetic of sorts. The thing that is really striking me about being part of the Golden Dawn is the large scope, the feeling that very little is a coincidence in the true sense of the word. This means it’s difficult to tell a story without telling the whole story and it’s a story very difficult to explain if you’re not part of a western esoteric tradition.

So instead of continuing to try, I’m going to leave this as is and wait for a more lucid moment.


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