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The Big C

Posted by Mike on May 23, 2012

Christianity. Oh yes. Of all the words we throw around with abandon, of all the words that mean something unique to every human being, at least in the West, the big C has to be at the very top of the list. The problem with this word, at least in the United States, is that it connotates a wide variety of things. Orthodoxy. Biblical literalism. Blood Sacrifice. The Chosen Ones. Racist hillbillies. Rick Santorum. Witch burners. Pat Robertson. You could really play this word association game forever.

The issue with this is that Christianity has become a vessel for separation. This is not only within the paradigm of biblical literalism, but it also appears widely in the pagan community. At the same time, biblical literalists are combing rock albums and television shows for satanic imagery, many pagans find even a long magical tradition like the Golden Dawn to be too Christian.

I find this a very strange idea. In a philosophy where all religions are supposed to be respected as reflections of the One, one expects to see an asterix with a footnote, “except for those pesky Christians.” Why is this?

The idea of being a Christian is to be a follower of Christ. When I look at the biblical literalist tradition in my country, I see a group of people who continually support the interests of the richest percentage in the country, whose philosophy is so polar that the consequences are pseudo science like creationism and global warming denial, and who spend a lot of time talking about the government interfering in our lives while trying to get the same government to pass constitutional amendments that prohibit gay marriage. That’s all well and fine in terms of letting people who feel this way have the conviction to believe what they want but what I think has happened is the idea of biblical literalism and Christianity are starting to become thought of as a single entity. And when pagans start to attack Christianity as being equivalent to biblical literalism, we’re essentially forgetting that Christianity has a long mystical tradition that sits quietly and silently right next to its loudmouth and boorish namesakes.

When Golden Dawn magicians speak of the Christian tradition, they’re usually not talking about biblical literalism. Biblical literalism provides the framework where you’re either for us (or Jesus) or against us (or Jesus). If you’re treating Christianity in this way you’re moving to extremes and if the Golden Dawn model demonstrates anything it’s that extremes are dead ends. When Golden Dawners say things like “The Second Order is Christian” they’re not saying the Second Order is biblical literalist. Biblical literalists are well known for showing occultists the stuff in the Old Testament against divination and sorcery and such. Finding out all your hard work was satanic would be disturbing information to receive after a 5=6.

Biblical literalists win when magicians equate Christianity with the philosophy of separation and treat Christianity as if it’s all megachurches and condemnation. They win when your organization is cool with every religion but Christianity, when you feel you have to tweezer out any vestige of the New, or worse Old, Testament. The magician wins when it realizes that the truth can be found in Christian writings, that it can be easily found when you sit and read one of the gospels without the excessive baggage Calvinism and Fundamentalism brings with it.


2 Responses to “The Big C”

  1. JamesNV said

    As a left leaning Golden Dawner and born again “denier”, I feel compelled to offer you the following link. I think it’s only fair to make an effort to understand what the smart critics of CAGW are actually saying. Not all critics of CAGW are creationists and Sarah Palin fans. You may be surprised. I know I was!


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