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From here to there (part 4)

Posted by Mike on May 16, 2012

I set up the first three parts of this series of blog posts in order to address some of the reasons I ended up working in an esoteric/occult system, but in specific the evolution of my thought processes on these subjects. The first part was mostly to demonstrate that the psychedelic experience could find some similarities with what we know about the mystical experience and in particular that the psychedelic experience can act as a type of awakening, at least to a universe larger than what we originally thought it was.

The second and third parts were written to cover conspiratorial thinking because it demonstrates the all-too human capacity to believe what we want to anyway, even in the face of contrary evidence. In Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum, the protagonist and associates spend a great deal of time squeezing out information from a document that feeds into an already conspiratorial mindset and sends the readers into fits of associative connecting. In fact, in what is one of the books major spoilers, the reveal of what the document actually is, doesn’t actually have much of an effect on the narrative tangent. Once the conspiratorial mindset is locked in, evidence is evaluated through that lense in order to fulfill the conspiracy.

Part of demolishing the illusions that muddy the Light is to realize that this type of thinking doesn’t have to exist on a level with UFOs or black lodges. We might easily come to the realization that greater conspiracies are nonsense, but we can also be involved in little mini conspiracies usually as a result of projecting. All it might take is to pass a stranger in a hall, assume they gave you a dirty look and say “that person is rude.” From then on out all behavior can be interpreted through this lense. In reality you might have just passed someone with something heavy on their mind or maybe they’re feeling ill and grimaced just as you walked by.

If our goal as initiates is to modify our personalities in order to be a clear vessel for the higher, we must purify the vessel, something impossible when we cling to the illusions created by our darker nature. Part of this is realizing we’re weaving our own stories and illusions in order to protect our ego seated as the ruler behind the tower.

However there’s another bit of a trap that can occur on the return and that will be for the next installment.


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