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From there to here (part 2)

Posted by Mike on April 25, 2012

I spent the evening with a friend. Someone important to him has fallen down the rabbit hole that is the conspiracy theory trap and it was interesting discussing this not only in the light of wanting to discuss Robert Anton Wilson’s influence but also in the light of the increasingly comical conspiracy theories elsewhere in the community. So this is a prelude to RAW…

Conspiracy theories can be obvious if you look around the internet for UFOs and the men in black and 9/11 and JFK and 100 other things. But you can also find them in fundamentalism (where the devil is more and more treated as the Manichean opposite to God, influencing everything from the government to what music you listen to) and even in the Golden Dawn (where gigantic third order pupper masters are pulling strings in order to … I dunno, sell small press books).

I would wager a guess that dealing with this energy is all part of the ladder especially in certain charts. But essentially I think it deals with the issue of discrimination, or, that is, the lack of discrimination that is the hallmark of the conspiracy theory. I want to quote from Mark Stavish’s article “Problems on the Path of Return” on the issue that comes up on the Path of Resh:

Moon to Mercury- Psycho-scientific babble. Lack of discrimination in areas of magical, occult, or alchemical information. Belief in extreme forms of conspiratorial thinking, a rational form of irrationalism. The more bizarre, the better, and more easily believed. A UFO goes from being as defined, an Unidentified Flying Object, to an identified alien space craft from beyond the solar system. Everything they read they believe, National Inquire thinking, or even X-Files as hidden social history being disseminated for our indoctrination. (+)


Discrimination couldn’t be more important in the occult, even many of your friends who don’t have anything to do with it are generally turned off by the lack of discrimination shown in all sorts of public new age teachings. We’re so used to esoteric teachings that tell us “anything goes” and people who seem to have unearthly channels to ascended masters who have nothing better to do than makes us feel warm and fuzzy that unless we’re careful and attentive we can easily begin spinning our wheels.

On the path back we’re continually urged to sacrifice the control of our ego. But conspiracy theories are all about control and ego satisfaction. You know something dreadfully important than NOONE ELSE knows. You are also relieved of your personal responsibility because the shadowy secret government has its tendrils into every aspect of your life. Congratulations you are now powerless, after all the Illuminati controls what goes in your milk, your popular pop figures (the above friend’s conspiracist is certain the Illuminati was responsible for the death of Michael Jackson), and the entire government. And yes, ignore that idea that it’s not a secret if three people know something, the Illuminati, which must number in the thousands, are really good at keeping secrets.

With the Illuminati now responsible for everything that happens in your life, you can now be happily powerless. There’s no need to meditate or work on yourself, after all there’s really nothing you can do about the extensive reach they have in your life. The problems, as always, are on the outside and you now can’t do anything about them. Or can you?

When I was told about the Michael Jackson thing the first thing that came to mind was “Why would the Illuminati want to kill Michael Jackson?” I’d have similar questions about recent GD conspiracies except everyone is supposed to cross Resh on the way back. Which really makes you wonder.


3 Responses to “From there to here (part 2)”

  1. Suecae said

    Perhaps it is even _more_ important for discrimination for those who take interest and practise esoteric arts, since it is a very common downfall. The occult histories are ridden with folks who temporarily (which is better) and permanently (which is sad) are being on the path of resh (to borrow your hebrew analogy) in their minds and faculties.

    • Mike said

      At a guess I’d say there has to be a certain mental flexibility to be able to attain. Conspiracy theories seem to be a mental framework where once the framework is established, every new piece of evidence is assimilated to bolster the framework. I would think that some of this is just an extreme version of what happens when you have a sacred cow and need to protect it.

      I can only guess what’s happening esoterically but I would think there’s ego interest in keeping the illusion. That is, magical work leads to certain profound events or synchronicities. One can observe them for what they are or perhaps in certain cases they end up being some sort of proof for a delusion.

      For example, in William Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse, something of a classic example of UFO and Men in Black conspiracy thinking, after he starts to believe he’s onto a conspiracy then a near accident is “proof” the men in black want him dead for what he knows. Or, perhaps, if you claim the Golden Dawn mantle, perhaps the near accident is “proof” other magicians are out to get you.

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