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A few thoughts on GD messes I’m not sure I’ve seen yet.

Posted by Mike on April 2, 2012

Not that I think any of these things are major revelations but:

  • I’ve done a great deal of editing in my life. Not only professionally but for the Gnosis site etc. After a while it becomes fairly easy to pick up writing voices. Regarding the reviews of Nick Farrell’s King Over the Water and addressing those voices writing the one star reviews at Amazon, well I’m not completely convinced it’s “those.” One thing that is highly important about creating sockpuppets is you need to spell well otherwise all of your sockpuppets have the same spelling errors. Also, certain memes give sockpuppets away because once one mind thinks a meme is a good one then likewise do all the sockpuppets. Even in a situation where a group of people are being persecuted, the beliefs of why they’re being persecuted are still going to vary a fair bit just by the information coming out of different peoples’ heads. While I do think there is more than one voice at work, right now it wouldn’t shock me if the grand total of people involved in this was actually one.
  • It’s difficult to sustain the hatred of someone through the publishing process. But I don’t think it’s unfair to say that the conclusions that come out of King Over the Water are going to piss off everyone associated with a Golden Dawn who do it because they want to be seen as a badass with powers. It doesn’t have to be specific to any particular order because this does seem to be part of the shadow that the reflection of the light of the Golden Dawn as a whole is casting. It can’t be a surprise to anyone there’s this type of activity when a whole bunch of important new books are being released.
  • Worrying about what other people think about the Golden Dawn is a complete waste of time and I think a lot of this energy is helping contribute to the negativity. This includes the negativity from magicians who take these opportunities to paint the system with a wide brush. There’s just a little too much “you’re not doing it right” flying around which isn’t so much the big deal as the lack of confidence it dredges up in response to it. But then again if you’re puffed up and talking down from the mountaintop, you’re going to react to accusations a lot more harshly than you are if the system has more or less humbled you. It’s interesting seeing who is snapping at this point. It’s also interesting seeing which blogs are still putting out great information and which are completely consumed by the flame wars.
  • The Golden Dawn is  just fine thank you. But it is dangerous and I think a lot of what you’re seeing is what it does to those who haven’t heeded the warnings. There are some obvious basic values that are screamed out in all the major literature and one of the majors is the warning of ego inflation. Some of what’s out there are picture perfect examples of not heeding the warnings and letting this whole thing go to your head. I think this could be more true in situations where the occult becomes your entire life and you’re not around normal people who would laugh their asses off if you showed them a picture of you in ritual garb.
  • I have some new art up at http://goldendawnart.deviantart.com. Have also almost finished #48.

4 Responses to “A few thoughts on GD messes I’m not sure I’ve seen yet.”

  1. Nick Farrell said

    Griffin complains that people who object to what he is saying are quoting from a list of issued “talking points”. Given that most of us don’t even know each other and seem to be saying different things, I would think that he issued a hymn sheet to sing from and projected this onto us. There are three people who have posted who are probably Griffin himself and then there is his wife who appears to use the same language. The others probably are not sock puppets but people using David’s crib sheet for statements.

    • Mike said

      Makes sense – I definitely think the wife, Aletheia and WA sound like the same mouthpiece. I’m not aware of the extent of the size of his HOGD but with all this talk about “thousands” of members and what would be a very small fraction of this responding to his request for battle, you would think the sockpuppets are making up for something, whether that’s members or just members willing to get involved in the fray.

      • Nick Farrell said

        I dont know how many David has on his cc course but it can’t be more than 40…. He had an international convocation and about a dozen showed up, He has about eight in sweden, One in Belfast.

        The entire GD community world wide is about 4000 at the most. The largest Order is Chic Cicero’s HOGD which has 18 temples with members in each ranging from 6 to 60

      • Mike said

        Thanks for the info. I was thinking the whole community must be in the thousands, it’s something that comes to mind every time someone suggests someone is trying to make money with a Golden Dawn book.

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