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Review of Nick Farrell’s King Over the Water

Posted by Mike on March 23, 2012

Here. So I got this done before lunch, was gone maybe an hour or so, and had six comments when I got back. I think there’s 13 now.

[EDIT: Notice that in the comment section Frater WA misspells ad hominem as “ad hominum.” Then go look at the third comment down on this page.]


2 Responses to “Review of Nick Farrell’s King Over the Water”

  1. Suecae said

    To bad people are so anxious to attack the book while not appearing to have read it.

  2. Mike said

    I only recognize two or three “authorial voices” on one side of this. In the majority of comments, the language is too repetitive and similar for it not to be coming from the same person. Having been accused of being a member of one of Farrell’s orders (which I’m not), I can only assume there’s a major projection issue at work, which to me removes any doubt to whether the person is even a magician.

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