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My on line art gallery

Posted by Mike on March 4, 2012


I’ve more or less caught it up (there’s some details on the journal page). Enjoy!


4 Responses to “My on line art gallery”

  1. Very nice work. Having some artistic talent is a big boon to GD work. I think it is a testament to the tradition that it attracts so many artistic people.


  2. Mike said

    Thanks Dean. It’s funny, but until last year I actually never did any art like this. I was a practicing musician in the 90s, so I suppose I had the inclination. I’m constantly asked by close friends and family where the hell it all came from all of a sudden!

    • Yeats said he would not have written anything were it not for magic. Perhaps the same is true of your art?

      I used to be quite good at artwork, but fell out of practice many years ago. A lot of that artistic energy got transmuted into my writing, but I think we can all tap into that “something” that allows us to create some amazing work. As magicians I think it is a lot easier for us to tap into that force.

      Have you felt that your GD work has improved or that you’ve had more realisations about those images and symbols after you painted them?


      • Mike said

        Dean, I’ve thought a lot about these questions you’re asking, in fact I can imagine a few years down the line, I’ll probably have a lot more clarity, I still feel in the middle of the whole experience. I do definitely think the art is directly related to the magic, no question. I should also mention that I have two family members regularly doing art now as an indirect result of the experience(s) that led to it.

        My Venus is in Scorpio, and it’s this area on the tree I’ve had the most struggle with, in fact a lot of my blog entries from about Sept 2010 through the following year deal with this. The art more or less spontaneously started coming about a week before a numinous experience that was more or less my long-awaited breakthrough on this front (which was about a day or two into Libra). It was an experience that really made the lines blur when it comes to “self-initiation.”

        My Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in Virgo so analysis is my “natural strength” but working up the tree seems to have a way of making you deal with your weaknesses. My love for the system stems back to about 2003 and I’ve had previous experiences, but this is the one that really shook me to the core and made me realize how I needed to start withdrawing my projections and as soon as I started to work practically on this, the art seemed to come almost like a side effect. I hope that made sense, these things are difficult to talk about.

        When I was a musician, that feeling of tapping into that force, as you said, could be palpable at times. It was a difficult state to always achieve with several musicians’ minds at work, but when it came, the inversion of “the music playing you” becomes imminent and it’s a gnosis I’ve always wanted to explore. For example the piece I did called Star of the Magi started by working geometrically and then just opening myself up. I didn’t intend it but when I was done, there was an almost buddha like figure sitting in the middle of a pentagram whose spirit point was elongated. That came from the “whatever it is.”

        So yes to all of your questions at the end. It’s interesting but the number one compliment I get on my art from friends and family is the use of color. As a musician I’ve never had much problem vibrating names (any guitarist with a tuning fork probably wouldn’t), but working with the color scales has definitely improved my visualization, so it’s always curious to hear people say that about color.

        I got the impression through all this that magical work ends up clearing channels to your creative soul and the more this comes through, the more the potential there is to connect to one’s artistic self. But like with magic, your success lies with how much you do it.

        I can see the art in your writing, and continue to read the articles on your blog. You have an amazingly lucid voice, Dean, I hope the Enochian books are just the first in a long career!

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