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Posted by Mike on February 27, 2012

The plan is to get the new home computer at the end of the week. I’ve been doing so much artwork in the last few months that I think my priority is going to be setting up a Deviant Art account. The problem with using WordPress, at least on some computers, is it distorts the photo by cramming it into predesigned limits, so the only way to see them is to click all the way through to the jpeg.

I think I’ve done at least 20 pieces since Adonai Ha-Aretz below. I’m working on a 19×24 of the Archangel Gabriel (mine is not fluffy). I just finished a colorized version of The Symbol of Venus on the Tree of Life, which was a riff on the version in the Cicero’s Self Initiation book as I liked the use of the first Hebrew letter of each sephirah (this was also inspired by Chic Cicero’s speech at Pantheacon, particularly the Venus as key part). And there’s lots more.

I also managed to get an incense top 10 done over at Olfactory Rescue Service. It’s been difficult to address the site much without a home computer, but I really wanted to express my thanks to Katlyn at Mermade Magickal Arts who realized a personal incense based on what I went through over the last year and a half and much much more. This was a Netzach incense created from some insanely high quality ingredients (notably rose otto and Baieido aloeswoods), I’m literally almost moved to tears every time I sniff the jar (I couldn’t even express the nirvana when the heater is used). I do think the best incense in the United States comes from the small hermetic corner, both Mermade’s lines and the Nu Essence line (based on thelema) really capture a great melding of magick, scent and art.

I’m in something of a musical withdrawal (probably because I used to play it on my computer a lot), but I was psyched to pick up all three Placebo reissues (the Belgian jazz group) and The Fourth Way’s Werwolf.


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