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Pantheacon etc

Posted by Mike on February 21, 2012

I didn’t really have Pantheacon on my radar until a few days before the weekend when I was looking at something and realized the Ciceros would be speaking at the event. It would have been nice to have gone the whole weekend, but could only really go for a day and went down on Friday in order to see the talk on the Rosicrucian Vault.

I also wanted to see the Rosicrucian Egyptian museum in San Jose which wasn’t too far from the hotel, so after a lot of wrong turns we ended up there in the early afternoon. It takes about an hour or so to get through the whole thing and it was quite enjoyable, I’d wanted to check this out for many years. It was nice to find it in a really nice neighborhood with easy parking, although we were definitely early in the season to see the full glory of the park. My favorite part of the museum was the neat little tomb area at the bottom.

The hotel was pretty close to E-bay HQ in San Jose which meant there weren’t any reasonable restaurants in the area so after a failed scouting mission we went to the hotel and ate there. People watching is pretty fun at a pagan convention and I did restrain myself from yelling “Hey Neo wants his clothes back” at the grim leather trenchcoat crowd. I wondered seriously at this point what the Golden Dawn group was going to be like (completely unpretentious and casual thankfully).

We did see the Cicero talk. It’s difficult to speak of something that affects you in such an intensely subconscious way, both my friend and I were completely wiped out almost the rest of the weekend after it. There was a group Middle Pillar ritual at the beginning that affected me in a way that could take weeks to even express, plus how can you really talk about it? I can’t even remember if I’ve ever been around that much juju at once. It was AMAZING.

It wasn’t all serious of course, most of the group seemed well aware of that one particular GD personality (noone needed to say the name) and the jokes flying around about that personality were hysterically funny and incredibly sly (and all tinged with sadness rather than mirth). The lecture on the vault was truly amazing to the point where both my friend and I had a distinct impression that the talk was for the two of us and I can imagine almost everyone there might have gotten the same kind of idea.  I think my only regret is not visiting the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn hospitality suite after the talk, but we were now eight hours after our last meal with a two hour trip in front of us, so we got on the road.

Anyway if you’re GD related and get a chance to see the Ciceros talk on anything, go. If anything I was left with a profound sense of unity that will be with me a long time, we are VERY lucky and blessed to have these two leaders, it’s clear they really love the system in a way that is very inspiring.


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