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Synchronicities in the Golden Dawn

Posted by Mike on February 15, 2012

Synchronicities, specifically the “meaningful coincidence,” can happen to everyone, but in my experience spiritual work accelerates and multiplies these events. I find them to be the hallmark of the nature of the emerging contact of the Self with the personality. The Higher Self (in Briah) is the connection between the human being (Assiah and Yetzirah) and the archetypal universe (Atziluth) and synchronicities often reflect this by connecting the human experience with what often feel like turns of fate.

I connected very early with the number 23 via Robert Anton Wilson. Today there’s barely a day that goes by that I don’t see and experience dozens of these, to the point that I have pictures of some of them and often experience them in company. This morning on my work commute I sat among three cars with 23 license plates one of them was something like 7B23723. Often I’ll see something like a Kings game and flash when the score is 23-23, 23 seconds left on the shot clock with #23 on screen or I’ll frequently get the #23 waiting at a restaurant, and when I check the clock it’s something 23 at least eight times a day.

In 777, Aleister Crowley corresponds the number 23 with the world of Briah, which isn’t something I’ve seen discussed very much, but it’s kind of interesting that such a famous synchronistic number would be connected with the creative Self when the activity of a synchronicity seems to match up a human experience with an unusual twist in fate, in the same way the creative Self connects the impersonal God of the universe with the human being. (Just now WordPress saved this draft at 2:32:35 PM.)

A lot of inititates experience a lot of pain as that bit of light within begins to expand and without (or even with) guidance the inner experiences are often projected on the outside. There is a great chapter (4: Animus) in Richard and Iona Miller’s The Modern Alchemist that discusses this. Synchronicities get much more complicated in these situations because if you’re experiencing that emerging higher self as a projection on someone you care deeply about I think it’s possible if not likely you’ll experience similar and profound synchronicities related to this person as well, which can likely really cause a great deal of confusion, because synchronicities of this sort can be life changing and profound and such experiences can reinforce the projection. In fact I’d guess a lot of the confusion over soul mates comes from situations like this, because you’re projecting your “real” soul mate outwards and imbuing the situation on the outside with a numinous quality that should be on the inside.

Getting it there is a long and painful process, but in my experience returning this energy to the inside helps bring that creative soul into play on a personal level. I was a musician in the 90s but my artist side was pretty close to dead when I began what were the hardest two years of my life. Last September the creativity exploded and I just finished my 40th piece of artwork this weekend. I still will walk around my gallery remembering that as recent as six months ago I hadn’t painted or drawn anything since I was a child.


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