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Got me!

Posted by Mike on February 13, 2012

I just removed my Rick Santorum vs Heavy Metal article after a friend passed on it was a hoax. Tyranny of Tradition, you got me, that was far too plausible a story for me not to react to. 🙂


3 Responses to “Got me!”

  1. Thanks for keeping a good sense of humor about it. I meant it as satire, but I don’t think I made it clear enough! I had no idea it was going to catch on like it did. You have a killer blog by the way!


    • Mike said

      Thanks Keith. Honestly, it’s a brilliant piece of satire, following up on reports of Santorum showing his daughters a dead fetus, an attack on heavy metal seemed quite plausible. I’m still laughing about dangling on the hook. 🙂 best – Mike

      • Mike said

        Keith, you’re not responsible for the Dave Mustaine coming out for Rick Santorum news piece too are you? Talk about truth is stranger than fiction…

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