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Fundamentalism in the Golden Dawn

Posted by Mike on February 2, 2012

I’m probably not alone as a hermeticist that came from a Christian fundamentalist family background, in fact I often read occult writers who mention this was their background. Fundamentalism has a very effective way of breeding an us vs them mentality, creating spectres and demons out of the other until anything outside the group mind gets the “satanic” label. Growing up I used to think pretty much everything I liked must have been satanic because I’ve seen everything from role playing games to rock music stoking real fires.

I got over this a long time ago, in fact I even know when the strings untied, it was encountering Aleister Crowley’s neat little dualistic fairy tale of Satan and Jesus. At that point it was one of the most effective ways of demonstrating the actual unity of things. Fundamentalists separate. Real Christians from fake Christians, good from evil, right from wrong, orthodox from heretic, it’s either a zero or a one.

So in terms of my personal development this urge to separate has gone bone deep and I spent a lot of time recognizing these urges. If a fundamentalist church comes to find out that a member of their flock is, say, living unmarried with a boy/girlfriend, a member of that church will undoubtedly let them know this isnt acceptable with the implication that they either live alone or leave the church.

When I debate with this kind of mentality, there’s no separation between a debate about ideas and a personal attack, it’s considered one and the same. Biblical literalists believe the entire bible is the literal, true word of god. What this functionally means is that a lot of effort is gone to shoring up a leaky boat. If you’re not of this mentality, it’s easy to see there are two accounts of, say, the death of Judas in the bible; but if you are of this mentality, you need interpretation, often a second book that helps “explain” discrepancies.

The Golden Dawn current has now been around long enough where you can see fundamentalism creeping in. Christian fundamentalism is responsible for things like the Jack Chick tracts who will literally claim Catholics (aka other Christians) are under the thrall of the Antichrist. I want to bring this up because I think this information is effective in evaluating the claims of various Golden Dawn orders. Do you know of a Golden Dawn order whose chief spends most of his public time venting on the chiefs of other orders, from blogs to Amazon book reviews and comments? When you see this do you look at the people under attack and instead of evaluating the criticism, evaluate the work of who they’re attacking?

Because to me this seems like the most effective way of really evaluating what comes in a Golden Dawn label. There’s a huge difference in Rosicrucian ideals between someone who will help you just by asking and someone who spends so much time venting bile at the former. A huge difference between someone helping you to become more than human and someone who would like to see their Golden Dawn look like one of those gigantic 25,000 large megachurches.

Evaluate carefully. Do gigantic blog posts character assassinating other members of the community really demonstrate the Rosicrucian ideal or the hermetic philosophy? Are posts like this helping you to become more than human or are they redolent of cults? Are people telling you you have the ability to attain if you work hard or are they telling you can’t attain unless you’re in their group? Because if you can’t tell you might just be trading one kind of fundamentalism for another.


2 Responses to “Fundamentalism in the Golden Dawn”

  1. Peregrin said

    You nailed it, Mike – thanks 🙂 Great post.

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