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Posted by Mike on January 17, 2012

I’m still a Virgo, but lately it has been hard to remember. I seem to remember a guy who used to analyze and categorize and review and critique, but whoever that is is long gone or at least heavily dormant. In fact I have to kind of force this type of thinking when I have to study. I still have to review incenses but to do it is like trying to get back into my head of a year ago.

Art takes over when it does. I was inspired this weekend by a virtual stranger who remembered my art and wanted to see more, but sometimes it’s just the whisp of an idea, when a half year ago it was to take my mind off of something. This weekend, all I had was about 1/10th of a new piece started, by the end of the weekend I’d done about 80% each of two pieces, the first is an acrylic reimagining of the “Garden of Eden Before the Fall” diagram, the second is a pretty wild psychedelic marker piece I’ve tentatively called “Incursion.” Previous to this I’d done a few quickie pastel pieces.

I display most of my art at the top of my staircase. Somewhere it went from a few pieces to more or less a full two-wall gallery. I started doing art in September 2010, I now have 33 finished pieces (although a good five of these are actually part of a much larger composite work). I have to admit there’s something somewhat unsettling about thinking that if I was to turn back the clock half a year none of it would be there. It’s like I have still yet to come to grips with all of this.


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