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Getting in the way…

Posted by Mike on November 15, 2011

One of the things I’ve been noticing for a long time is the lower ego’s tendency to play higher self. The inner genius is something so utterly incredible in every way that these attempts seem kind of embarassing as they almost seem clothed in the way society thinks of gurus, you know the guy floating in levitation position with white long hair and beard.

The problem is that when the personality seeks this seat it just does a miserable job, after all it has been doing a pretty miserable job for a long time and seems to be comfortable with it. The higher self, the voice of silence, has much more impressive goals in mind than the personality and tends to weave them best in a cloak of silence. What happens when this is let to happen is you to get to a point where you see the potential of where your higher self is taking you and some of these potentials are utterly shocking in every way, so beyond what the personality can come up with on its own.

It seems to me as the HS weaves these directions for your life, the lower ego starts to go into panic mode. It’s not good at balance or patience or any of those things and wants to do something right now to grasp onto some sort of illusionary blanket of comfort. This is usually because we’re not giving these issues over to the HS, whose perspective is so much farther reaching than the personality’s.

My latest step is kind of a 50/50 choice. I’m picking up on a lot of information that makes me feel like my HS is influencing things in a direction I’d like to go in, and my personality wants to accelerate this process because it’s pretty sure this goal is what it wants. But I didn’t get to this point by trying to control my environment and everything related to this situation, I got to it by just turning it over to my HS (over and over and over) and saying look if this is what you want for me, you’ll end up making it happen in some way that won’t be forcing it or manipulating it. Or you’ll take it somewhere else.


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