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Bear with me…

Posted by Mike on November 14, 2011

As life continues to unfold in a very complicated and mercurial way, my personality seems to be moving away from approaching it via analysis and moving towards approaching it from the sphere of art. Since the beginning of September I’ve created about 17 different drawings and paintings, some of which I’ve posted here. This has put me in a severely different mindset from where I was leading up to September 24th.

That experience was profoundly life altering in so many ways I think it might be years before I can really count its effects. So many of these things are Netzachian perspective shifts. One major shift is before the event the cataloguing of differences or perceived differences between me and a subject would cause me to separate from the subject (whether physically, intellectually etc). Now the same cataloguing causes me to unite, even when, say, it’s a friend or so caught up in a 5, 10 or 20 year old image whose only communication is anger and jealousy-driven. Instead of thinking I don’t want to be near that, I think now I’m fine since it doesn’t really affect me all that much and I can wait until said person works through it. As a Virgo I think this is definitely progress as we can be very preoccupied with wanting perfect relationships.

The explosion of artwork is obviously quite puzzling to friends and family, but really no more puzzling to me. My past art was writing and playing music, I had no precedent for being a painter all of a sudden, but then it kind of just came out spontaneously. Not so much ON September 24th but it started maybe a few weeks before. In many ways this art is maybe the best way to explain the great work, and the intense psychological processes the great work puts you through regularly.

People go through the day often asking how you are. I’m sort of at a point where life is utterly horrifying and incredibly wonderful all at the same time in an intensely poignant and profound mix that seems to always be on the edge of something truly amazing about to happen (again). There is something impending….


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