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Getting in the way…

Posted by Mike on November 15, 2011

One of the things I’ve been noticing for a long time is the lower ego’s tendency to play higher self. The inner genius is something so utterly incredible in every way that these attempts seem kind of embarassing as they almost seem clothed in the way society thinks of gurus, you know the guy floating in levitation position with white long hair and beard.

The problem is that when the personality seeks this seat it just does a miserable job, after all it has been doing a pretty miserable job for a long time and seems to be comfortable with it. The higher self, the voice of silence, has much more impressive goals in mind than the personality and tends to weave them best in a cloak of silence. What happens when this is let to happen is you to get to a point where you see the potential of where your higher self is taking you and some of these potentials are utterly shocking in every way, so beyond what the personality can come up with on its own.

It seems to me as the HS weaves these directions for your life, the lower ego starts to go into panic mode. It’s not good at balance or patience or any of those things and wants to do something right now to grasp onto some sort of illusionary blanket of comfort. This is usually because we’re not giving these issues over to the HS, whose perspective is so much farther reaching than the personality’s.

My latest step is kind of a 50/50 choice. I’m picking up on a lot of information that makes me feel like my HS is influencing things in a direction I’d like to go in, and my personality wants to accelerate this process because it’s pretty sure this goal is what it wants. But I didn’t get to this point by trying to control my environment and everything related to this situation, I got to it by just turning it over to my HS (over and over and over) and saying look if this is what you want for me, you’ll end up making it happen in some way that won’t be forcing it or manipulating it. Or you’ll take it somewhere else.


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Bear with me…

Posted by Mike on November 14, 2011

As life continues to unfold in a very complicated and mercurial way, my personality seems to be moving away from approaching it via analysis and moving towards approaching it from the sphere of art. Since the beginning of September I’ve created about 17 different drawings and paintings, some of which I’ve posted here. This has put me in a severely different mindset from where I was leading up to September 24th.

That experience was profoundly life altering in so many ways I think it might be years before I can really count its effects. So many of these things are Netzachian perspective shifts. One major shift is before the event the cataloguing of differences or perceived differences between me and a subject would cause me to separate from the subject (whether physically, intellectually etc). Now the same cataloguing causes me to unite, even when, say, it’s a friend or so caught up in a 5, 10 or 20 year old image whose only communication is anger and jealousy-driven. Instead of thinking I don’t want to be near that, I think now I’m fine since it doesn’t really affect me all that much and I can wait until said person works through it. As a Virgo I think this is definitely progress as we can be very preoccupied with wanting perfect relationships.

The explosion of artwork is obviously quite puzzling to friends and family, but really no more puzzling to me. My past art was writing and playing music, I had no precedent for being a painter all of a sudden, but then it kind of just came out spontaneously. Not so much ON September 24th but it started maybe a few weeks before. In many ways this art is maybe the best way to explain the great work, and the intense psychological processes the great work puts you through regularly.

People go through the day often asking how you are. I’m sort of at a point where life is utterly horrifying and incredibly wonderful all at the same time in an intensely poignant and profound mix that seems to always be on the edge of something truly amazing about to happen (again). There is something impending….

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Ace of Cups

Posted by Mike on November 10, 2011

acrylics 11x14

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Posted by Mike on November 7, 2011

(October 13, 2011)

acrylics 11x14

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Posted by Mike on November 7, 2011

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Some thoughts

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2011

It has been a while since I posted words here. My life is about as cosmic and strange as it has ever been, truly the magickal life. Ever since September I feel like a different person and out of the mercury mind, and it has taken a toll on those mercuric hobbies, posting reviews of incense, organizing and researching music, even reading books are all much more difficult than they used to be. Instead I now feel like a character in a Charles De Lint Newford novel (except for being destitute), surrounded by art and a mounting network of synchronicity that is staggering in its complexity and frequency.

Containing all this has been exceedingly difficult. To go through these kinds of changes while showing the outside world the face of silence has never been easy for me, but I’m better at it than I was. I’m lucky that a good friend of mine has been back in my life for a while who is in a similar place, in fact yesterday she experienced the same initiation that I did in a completely different way that I did in September. Comparing the exact same process from two different methods was extremely enlightening.

I woke up this morning to hear our local DJ say he saw a UFO over Fulton and 80, which is basically my neighborhood. The night before I had a significant post-circulation of light higher self vision. And of true importance, I looked up 23 in 777 and realized it was the number associated with Briah, which makes my theory that these 23s are augoeides-related a lot more plausible. I’m not sure why she left shoes though.

So, yes a thousand art projects. I’m building the temple on two levels and the work continues…

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