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Night Shade and Subterranean Presses

Posted by Mike on July 9, 2010

There have been lots of posts lately on Night Shade, several authors calling them out for royalties not paid and communications not effected, then Night Shade apologizing and then SFWA putting them on a year’s probation. Naturally it’s a shame, the way the authors are getting treated, but also because Night Shade really does some tremendous work. I’ve thought about posting on several occasions because I also think they’ve dropped the ball in some circumstances on the way they treat their customers (not only myself but what I’ve seen on their forums), however, in the end I don’t feel these things were nearly as heinous as all this recent news.

So to be constructive, from a purchaser standpoint, let’s talk about who gets it right: Subterranean Press. With this fantastic outfit, I never have to worry about when I’m going to see a book. Delays are continually reported in detail. I’ve had problems with orders fulfilled immediately. All my communication with them is answered promptly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an e-mail go unanswered for longer than 48 hours (and most if not all were answered within 24 hours). They maintain a consistent and informative list that tells you about all their new projects as soon as they’re feasible. And they too do absolutely beautiful work. Plus you also see long relationships with many authors, undoubtedly the results of being honorable.

So clearly it CAN be done.


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