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Huffington Post downloader

Posted by Mike on April 13, 2009

About 10m ago I got a virus notification at work on Symantec and then a call from our administrator. I’d gotten the bloodhound.exploit downloader caught by the program. My first thought was what did I accidentally click on to get this, so as for it not to happen again? At the time I was just scanning Huffington Post for news headlines, something I’ve done since in the early days of last year’s campaign. I did a Google search on the downloader name plus Huffington Post and came up with a number of hits indicating that this news site was probably responsible (I had no other windows open). So basically byebye Huffington Post. Kind of the last straw. My other two issues with the site were extremely misleading headlines on a consistent basis, usually to inflate the site’s liberal outlook (something I often share might I add) on something minor (and in several cases often fixed when people complained) and also a heavy emphasis on Hollywood-ish sorts of issues, long blogs on the fashion of Michelle Obama, loads of Perez Hilton celebrity stalker sorts of articles, basically all things I could do without. What I liked was having the headlines of Washington Post, New York Times, AP, etc etc all together, so I need to find a new downloader-free site that does the same thing. The only other time I got a downloader notification was a year or so ago at progrock.com, which is a place I never really look at or use but probably ran across when researching something. Now I get these things show up at all sorts of nefarious sites but it gets irritating when they’re at places you’re supposed to trust not have these things. Grrr.


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