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Posted by Mike on April 9, 2009

This show was great when it started, faded to the point I almost stopped watching it during the first part of Season 3 and has recovered into something a lot more impressive in the last two seasons. But I don’t think (The Constant aside) it’s ever been better than it was last night. I think one of the most powerful storytelling devices is connecting whatever size story, small or large with ancient myths and archetypal ideas. Lost has done this somewhat playfully over its course, but made some of these references completely overt last night. (Spoilers for those not caught up yet after the break)

As soon as John Locke brought Ben to the “wall of the temple” it was clear the story got a lot bigger. When Ben falls through the hole and then sees the picture of Anubis with the smoke creature on the wall, along with a number of hieroglyphics, I thought the whole mythos just got a lot larger. We know that there are fertility issues on the island in terms of pregnancy issues, we know John Locke was just resurrected from the dead, we’ve seen the back of an egyptian statue with the ankh symbol, and an ageless man who’s initials are R.A., and a door from the island to a North African desert. The question really is how much are these details surface additions for the fans or how much the Egyptian myths actually affect the story. As someone who sees the Egyptian myths as the archetypes of later religions, I’m really interested to see where they’re going to go with this. It’s as if every few episodes they’re pulling back on the panorama and showing how big the canvas is now. And how good is Michael Emerson eh? Every Ben episode is event television for me. Couldn’t be more glad I didn’t give up on this show.


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