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Posted by Mike on November 5, 2008

Song of the day: Amnesty “Mister President”

I’m finding it really hard to really capture how I’m feeling about Barack Obama’s win last night. I think there was a part of me somewhere that didn’t believe it could happen, no matter what all the polls were saying, that after eight years of the worst administration in my lifetime, corruption and greed was something we were going to have to accept and live with. That the status quo of old school politicians who carried forward the prejudices and biases of the past would remain entrenched. This is a victory for the “other,” not only everyone outside the normal demographic that has always been in the White House, but for those of us who recognized the world is broken and feel that the status quo is largely responsible for it. For those of us who feel that not only was there a huge difference between conservative and liberal but who feel there’s a huge difference between the conservative of today and the conservative of the Reagan area and earlier. Who feel that there is a huge difference between the increasingly fringe Evangelical movement and the Christian mainstream. Who feel that the Palin segment of the modern Republican party have adopted such a Manichean view of the world that everyone who doesn’t mark in lockstep is somehow the Shadow. This is the moment where those of us who have found science abased, spirituality diminished and humanity divided are finally seeing the possibility of a true paradigm change, where unity is a real, if temporary possibility.

And as such feelings go, it’s going to take me a while to believe it’s happening. I’ve been following this election by the footnote since Barack Obama’s sophistication, intelligence, unflappability and poise convinced me that for the first time in my entire life, I wasn’t just voting for the lesser of two evils, but for someone who is actually my voice. Someone who was clearly introspective and self-critical, who realized that healing is not accomplished by the type of divisiveness our country has seen. Who doesn’t pander to the extremes of either party, a man who would calmly try to explain to Bill O’Reilly his vision of the future over constant interruptions, but would also try to temper Rachel Maddow’s implication that Obama’s campaign is an actual condemnation of conservatism. Over and over, I pinched my arm until I bruised, a part of me still not convinced this was actually happening.

I’m not sure when I knew it was over. Part of me was convinced very early on it was a done deal, especially after Hilary Clinton was ousted in the primaries. It had all the hallmarks of history in the making. I was even more convinced it was over when McCain picked Sarah Palin, a move I saw as shoring up the base rather than aiming for the moderates who decide these things. If it wasn’t for the close elections in 2000 and 2004, one or both that always looked shifty, and the constant worries over election fraud, one might have looked at what were rather obvious poll numbers. I kept reminding myself about the dangers and pitfalls of conspiracy theories, most of which never pan out. Last night they had no chance.

Pennsylvania was the first huge moment. After that only one big state was needed and when Ohio went blue, it was virtually over. The next hour was like a dream. I was watching MS-NBC talking to friend and it all seemed to happen in slow motion. Chris Matthews started giving a big speech about the implications of the Obama win and like a climax, the entire west coast lit up blue. As a California voter talking to an Oregon voter on the phone, this was a hell of a moment, it was as if our states clinched the win. And it felt like a huge weight disappeared, like 1000 banishing rituals ending all at once.

Obviously a moment that feels like the grand finale to the best movie of all time is actually only the beginning. But for the moment, the sun is shining.

An image from The Classical Golden Dawn Tarot after the break:


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