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The Rising Sun

Posted by Mike on November 4, 2008

I haven’t seen much discussion on the Obama Biden emblem. It’s an insignia that captures one of the most profound and significant symbols of the ages, that of the rising sun. It’s the very basic simple of hope, a new day will rise. This goes all the way back to the Egyptians who originally did not have the certainty modern man does about the sun coming up again the next day.

It’s also a significant symbol for many esoteric groups, most famously the Golden Dawn (this book shows one example of how it’s used). In the Golden Dawn, this symbol encapsulates quite a bit more than the hope for a new day, in particular it symbolizes an important spiritual concept that has a far reaching effect. If you notice in the symbol, the rising sun is in the center of the Star of David. In the Golden Dawn this star is the combination of the downward pointing triangle that is the blue elemental symbol of water and the red upward pointing triangle that is the elemental symbol of fire. In the form of the Star (or hexagram if you will) it is the fusion and the reconciliation of opposites. In the kabbalah this is Tiphareth, whose planetary association, naturally, is the Sun. Tiphareth is also the sixth sephirah, corresponding nicely with the hexagram. It not only balances the pillars of mercy and severity, but also the divine and earthbound parts of the tree.

Strangely enough this dovetails quite nicely with Barack Obama. Obama’s an August 4th Leo, a sign that the Sun rules. It’s probably worth noting here that Bill Clinton was also a Leo democrat. Leos are known for radiant charisma and leadership abilities, two aspects I can even imagine most of Obama’s detractors are likely to at least grudgingly admit. Having dated an August 4th Leo before, Obama’s chameleon-like way of being able to relate to just about any situation and to be empathetic with nearly everyone he comes into contact with is very familiar to me. The constant refrains of one America, one party, crossing party lines, transformation, “change we need” and all of this imagery is definitively Tiphareth, all of these things smaller ripples and echoes of that greater truth the rising sun represents.

Whether this has all come together in the way chains of unexplained synchroncity tend to or if there was someone in the mix who knows these symbols beyond the Jungian level, I’m sure I’ll never know. After all this isn’t Harry Potter. But the way they’re all lining up speaks of a powerful influence at play here, at the very least there’s an interesting subconscious response at work here.


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