Mike’s Prattle


The Plymouth Brethren

Posted by Mike on October 29, 2008

With the “Obama is the Antichrist” rumors swelling up again this morning, I went to refresh my memory over the origins of dispensationalism. Apparently a lot of it starts with John Nelson Darby around 1830 who started the doctrine of the rapture. I found this particularly interesting because he was a member of the Plymouth Brethren, a religious organization the parents of magician Aleister Crowley belonged to. You could almost credit the Brethren not only with the origins of almost the entire fundamentalist movement but with its equal and opposite reaction, via Crowley, whose works were later incorporated into both Wicca and Anton LaVey Satanism, two of the most obvious bugaboos of the literalist movement. It’s an increasing fascination to me the way everything contains its opposite.


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