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Posted by Mike on October 3, 2008

As a legislative analyst I’m responsible for reviewing legislation related to health care and specifically Managed Care. In doing so we scour contracts, regulations, statute, health plan reports and statistics in order to be able to analyze just what a new bill might do to our program. For example, today I looked at new amendments on a Federal rule in order to ascertain how these amendments might affect our health plans and their marketing activities.

It struck me today that if I took the Sarah Palin approach it might go something like this:

Boss: I need you to analyze this new Federal rule.

Me: Well as long as it protects the American people and is affordable it should be OK. Anything else is just Washington insider stuff.

Boss: Well it’s a little more specific than that, I need to know how it’s going to affect our health plans.

Me: Well you might want me to answer about health plans, but I want to protect the American people and be sure they’re getting affordable health care they can buy for their families. After all, I’m a maverick.

Boss: Well this bill is actually affording protections in terms of marketing, to be sure that health plans aren’t fleecing their members with false or misleading¬†information.

Me: That’s a lot of big words that don’t relate much to Joe Six Pack. I’m for a free market economy. Protections sound socialist.

Boss: That’s all very nice, but MY boss wants to know what the health plans will think.

Me: Well, doggone it boss, that sounds like business as usual. But I want to cut out the liberal bureaucracy and talk directly to the American people and let them know We will not stand for this!

Boss: I’m going to have to write you up.

Me: Say it ain’t so Boss!


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