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TV Part 3

Posted by Mike on October 1, 2008

Heroes / NBC / Monday 9 PM (C+) – I’ve been on the bubble with this show since the beginning and had to take a second to wonder why I’m actually sticking with it especially into a third season. I don’t like superhero movies or shows very much and find that the comic book feel of this show doesn’t support a lot of character development or depth to it. However the reverse is true with the plotting, given all the time travel and future incarnations and such, and it’s probably this aspect that intrigues me, especially considering I’m sympathetic with few characters in this show. I like the Hiro arcs, although part of that was his friendship which they seem to be throwing a wrench into this year. I’ve decided to give this until 24 airs, probably in the same time spot, to decide whether to hang in there as plotting alone isn’t enough to keep me interested.

Californication / Showtime / Sunday 10 PM (C+) – I enjoyed the first season quite a bit, but given the almost fairy tale like ending, the inevitable story line of Hank trying to stay good in his saved relationship seems a bit old hat and not nearly as interesting as him picking up the pieces. Of course with Duchovny turning himself in for sexual addiction, there seems to be an added layer to this show now. But in this case I’m sympathetic to nearly everyone and particularly find his agent and wife to be well drawn and believable characters. So far not as good as last year given it’s been fairly predictable, but still early in the season. I still have yet to check out the new season of Dexter that precedes it … way way behind.

Little Britain USA / HBO / Sunday 10:30 PM (A) – I am thoroughly delighted to see one of my favorite British comedies make its way in a slightly new incarnation across the Atlantic, this is one friends and I have been enjoying for a while. And it gets better and better, keeping many of the best skits from the original Little Britain and adding some American themed skits that mercilessly skewer a lot of our stereotypes. Some of these skits are so funny I can barely breathe, for example the duo (Matt Lucas and David Walliams) in prosthetics bragging about sexual exploits in prosthetics suits whose packages seem inversely related to their egos (a skit apparently too over the top for some US critics). The bikini wax finale of this skit left a room of us in stitches when watching the preview. And hey, any time Andy and Lou are back is fine with me. Lucas and Walliams could teach SNL a trick or two about keeping a recurring skit with the same jokes funny. Possibly the best thing on television now, believe me 30 Rock and The Office have nothing on this show. And they have Tom Baker narrating! And they’re making a movie!

The Life and Times of Tim / HBO / Sunday 11 PM (delete) – I hate to judge a new show on one episode, but found this new animated show to be like if the creators of King of the Hill decided to redo Lucky Louie. Thought it was generally puerile and juvenile and not in a good way. Maybe I get bored of the whole married couple thing where the guy’s mistakes complicate things in a snowball rolling down the hill sort of way. Can’t imagine the writing improving enough to care.

Chuck / NBC / Monday 8 PM (B+) – A terrific Season 2 opener for Chuck, one of the best escapist pleasures on television. The entire cast is great from top to bottom, all entirely likeable, and the writing team is managing to balance the James Bond hijinks with lots of silly and sometimes geeky humor. NBC have apparently committed to the full 22 episode run on this one based on its quality and despite that ratings were pretty low for the debut (they have been low for most shows this year it seems), it looks like the quality should be increasing. Definitely wonder why this one hasn’t caught on more, it’s a lot of fun.


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