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Posted by Mike on August 22, 2008

A little while back I mentioned I was writing a novel. About a month or so ago, I reached a point where I wasn’t quite sure where to take the narrative, after I spent a lot of time developing the characters and their interactions and motivations on a personal level. Last night as I was just about to doze off, it all came to me like a lightning bolt, that is the plot elements and the vague framework of the novel’s universe. Terribly pleased about this. But I’ve been trying to figure out what I can say about it without saying anything about it.

It basically takes place, initially, in the San Francisco bay area among five interrelated friends, most likely in their mid to late 20s. There are complicated issues among four of the five people that get a great deal more complicated after an event at an unusual gathering leaves the relationships between them changed, including the disappearance of one of the five friends. Only one of the friends is actually aware that things have changed and it isn’t the protagonist/main viewpoint. The mystery of what’s happening starts to increase as the protag becomes bewildered when the unchanged friend starts to make bizarre statements including asking him to find and read a mysterious book. The protag, who has started a new job at an obscure start-up firm, manages to find the book, hides it in an awkward moment and then can’t locate the book when he comes back for it with the suspicion that the chief of the firm he works for was responsible. Where before his curiosity was only mildly roused by his friend, losing the book only increases his interest, leading him on a course that will encompass a bewildering litany of mysteries, including a legendary cache of a rare, entheogenic aloeswood, a little-known corporate installation in a Turkish mountain range, and the hunt for a priceless and unique feather rumored not to be avian. I’ll stop before I sound like I’m writing cover copy. 🙂


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