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Premiere Week (1)

Posted by Mike on September 26, 2007

I told myself I was going to try and limit my television a little more this year, but there have been an onslaught of new shows that all seem slightly interesting and potential filled, so at least for a while I’m trying to figure out which ones I’m going to like and stick with. I watched some of the NBC pilots on On Demand before they aired, but here’s some comments on Monday and Tuesday night TV.

NBC’s Chuck is a new show that leads into Heroes. I was interested in this mostly because Adam Baldwin (Jayne of Firefly) is in it, and it was a lot of fun. Basically Chuck works at a Best Buy-ish sort of store and is established as a somewhat stereotypical nerd. In the pilot he comes across some information that ends up, I guess, downloading critical secret info in his brain, attracting two different agents from two different agencies. The show is funny and lighthearted with an end scene that looks like it will generate quite a few laughs. With this one so far.

The opening salvo of Heroes was quite good as well, I wasn’t as sold on this show last season as some particularly as Hayden Panettiere’s Claire almost drove me up the wall with the mopey looks, but she’s apparently following the Buffy model as her growing arc, now in a new high school and trying to figure out where she fits in. No Ali Larter this episode, yet almost everyone else’s arcs were touched upon and things look a bit more solid and together this year. I’d say more but I can’t remember most of the character or actor names.

Like Chuck, I caught the premier of Journeyman on On Demand and I was initially put off by what seemed like obvious Quantum Leap similarities. Kevin McKidd plays the lead, fresh from Rome, and like in that show he has a brooding intensity here that fortunately is a bit lighter. What I did like about this was the potential for character development among the lead, his wife, the woman who he WAS going to marry, and his brother, and I get the impression this show will have a larger series arc that will end up making it a lot meatier than Q Leap was. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more humor and levity though.

Bones Season 3 opened and was more or less a standard episode, although I had some slight personal qualms over them linking the occult to cannibalists. What I like about this show is the chemistry among the cast, I’m not much of a mystery of the week type, but the constant battle between science/rationality and intuition and feelings is constantly interesting, especially between Boreanaz and Deschanel. I’ll probably never rate this show really highly, but it’s a fantastic view into how science works with law enforcement.

The best pilot for me, so far, was CW’s Reaper. When you read the description of this, a young man (not far from Chuck) finds out his parents sold his soul to the Devil who forces him to become a sort of demon bounty hunter, it sounds rather serious yet camp, but it was extremely funny, making me laugh out loud several times during the hour. The cast, especially the lead’s sidekick played by one of the Invasion actors whose name I can’t remember nor want to Google for, is quite good, from the strange parents to the Devil himself. Going after escaped souls with a hand vacuum was just one example of how this show seems to be in the lineage of Buffy and Angel, subverting horror and adventure cliches left and right. While I felt the pilot dragged a little in the second half while still setting up the premise, it was almost picture perfect otherwise. This one could be great.


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