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Summer TV

Posted by Mike on August 14, 2007

It’s actually kind of nice to take a break from appointment television from the usual season, in fact by the end of the regular season I’m usually exhuasted by it all and wishing to remove items from the must see list.

Apparently there are a lot of good shows on this summer, but without making a real effort to find them, I’ve got a pretty short list. There’s Sci-Fi channel’s Friday night schedule with Series 3 of Doctor Who. I’ve seen it already but watching it again cuz it’s great, in fact if you haven’t seen it, start watching on August 24th as the best three episodes of the series start then. Unfortunately, it’s followed by the new imagining of Flash Gordon, whose pilot episode was rather bad, in fact it’s a good thing not to judge television by the pilot eps at all. Hoping for it to get better, but given that it’s something like Stargate:Flash Gordon (read: Vancouver), I’m likely to get tired of it in a hurry. It’s missing too much, acting chemistry and clever dialogue in particular.

Also in the seen already but you should be watching category is BBC’s Jekyll, airing on BBC America on, I believe, Saturdays. It’s already a third of the way through the run of 6 eps but I can imagine a schedule check would lead to reairings. Also a modern remake on an old tale (I’m starting to believe that those who make TV also don’t believe there’s anything original left to say), the writing of Steven Moffat and the acting elevates the story, and I found it extremely enjoyable.

Also of interest, is AMC’s Mad Men about Wall Street in 1960. It’s a bit slow moving but very clever, particularly in how the scripts reflect how different that time was from now. The 50s, in general, give me the willies, so I was surprised at how engaging it was. And I’m hoping most programs move to the model of keeping recent episodes on On Demand, because it makes it a lot easier to keep up with.

And that’s about it….


2 Responses to “Summer TV”

  1. I’m really enjoying Mad Men … I thought this Thursday’s episode was especially powerful… http://paullevinson.blogspot.com/2007/08/mad-men-4-and-5-double-mad-men.html

  2. Mike said

    Hi Paul, thanks for the reminder, I had to catch up on the last two over the weekend. I agree on the fifth episode, the best of the series so far, truly sublime scriptwriting.

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