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23 skidooooo

Posted by Mike on February 23, 2007

Today is February 23rd and the day “The Number 23” comes out in US theatres. My friend Tom send me this link today which demonstrates one part of the problem of the new popularity of 23. The other is the preliferation of geniuses coming out and saying things like “But I was 23 once, everyone was” or some similar sentiment. So for all those who are asking the looming question, “What does this all mean???” (clue: not 666) I refer you to the


3 Responses to “23 skidooooo”

  1. Øystein said

    Someone’s reply to the TN23 trailer:

  2. Mike said

    Oh man thanks for sharing that. What’s scary is the acting was better in that than in the trailer for 23. My favorite part was when he goes “How much change is in your pocket?” and she goes “23 cents” and he goes “No, 24!”

    Thanks Øystein

  3. Mike said

    Oh, and we did that joke when Outer Music started a couple years ago. 😀

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