Mike’s Prattle



Posted by Mike on February 22, 2007

Been spending most of my writing energy over at Outer Music lately, so I haven’t had as much to say over here. Am hoping to prattle on a bit on Elizabeth Hand’s Bibliomancy/Saffron & Brimstone and Michael Swanwick’s Tales of Old Earth in the near future, but it’s been taking me a bit longer than I liked to finish up S&B and I hope that’s no indication of its quality. The story “Echo” was possibly one of the best I’ve read in ages, a narrative about a woman who lives on an Island, assumedly near Maine, who experiences what seems to be an apocalyptic scenario going on outside of her experience. Of course it’s not about the scenario itself, but about what happens to the lone protagonist, something she ties (like the rest of the stories in The Lost Domain) to Greek myth. The last paragraph was so mystery tradition it took about 20 seconds for the goosebumps to recede.


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