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Mike survives the weekend

Posted by Mike on January 22, 2007

Over the last month, I’ve been working on my music database lists, catching up on adding stuff I hadn’t gotten to over the last year. It’s kind of a crazy task overall, if I wasn’t a typical Virgo with that love for organization and lists inherent to most of us, I probably would have gone mad, after all I’d probably be rather doing other things, but it’s getting to the point I barely know what I own anymore.

So over a three day weekend, the idea was to have two work days and then one to chill before I went back to work. Late Sunday morning after chuckling over a few (never-ending) Gnosis-related issues that had come up, I intended to send my friend a file over IM, so I made for the reboot only to have my computer crash due to a corrupt file.

My Sunday was practically wrecked at this point.  A previously clean domicile turned into a mess of papers as I hurriedly tried to find my Windows disc, Dell info and the like. I spent at least two hours on the phone with a tech repeating the same steps over and over. I’m OK with the software aspects, but I ended up having to open the machine up and remove and replace the battery to reset things, which necessitated removing the audio card. The battery was fairly stuck and the only paperclips I could find were the thick ones, so it took me a good 15 or 20 minutes to get it out.

I got a break in the middle of the day while the machine went through the chkdsk procedure only for it to fail upon restart. The tech who called back informed me that we were going to have to reformat the hard drive. While this is no fun for anyone, I was comforted by the fact I’d spent a lot of time recently emptying my hard drives, so I wouldn’t lose much of anything important. Resigned to my fate, I went through the steps with the new tech, only for the computer to restart and Windows to come up with most of my computer intact (the only casualty so far is the recent installation of the new AOL IM, which may have been the problem in the first place, I was more than happy to start the old version up.) So it seems that the whole agonizing process was well worth the trouble and I seem to be up and running again.

Of course after such an afternoon it was a bit tough to key down, which I did by catching up on some comedies and then watching the Season 3.5 premiere of Battlestar Galactica, which was very cool, with a few interesting new twists. I still feel like I lost my weekend, but it could have been worse.


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