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My little tribute to RAW

Posted by Mike on January 12, 2007

Been sitting here virtually stunned since I heard the news of RAW passing on. It’s very difficult to explain why the man’s writing means so much to me. He’s mostly best known for cowriting the Illuminatus trilogy, although for me it’s works like the Cosmic Trigger books and Prometheus Rising that were more influential. Wilson called himself, at times, a guerilla ontologist, which I took to mean someone whose writing could literally change the way you think and see the world. For someone who had great difficulty in leaving the religion of my upbringing, it was RAW, more than anyone else, who helped to clarify my thoughts, to show me clearly the way my thinking had been modified and altered by a rigid set of dogmas and beliefs. In fact I probably credit him more than anyone else for relieving me of the fear that goes along with such a process and to bring mystery back to the universe, to become comfortable with not knowing the answers to the big questions and most importantly to hint in the direction of LVX. He was the first person whose works I could say affected a sort of alchemy in my head. You probably could sum this up under the concept that he helped make me more free.


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