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Nancy Kress – Probability Space +

Posted by Mike on December 19, 2006

I had wanted to finish reading Peter Watts’ Blindsight over the weekend, and would have but I got the bug to do some short story reading instead. More on that in a sec.

I did finish Kress’ Probability trilogy and enjoyed the whole thing even I think that Probability Space was the weakest of the three (and it’s the John W. Campbell award winner in the bunch). It seems to me while the whole series is steeped in quantum physics, the plot of the series sort of diverges from being intertwined with it like in the early stages of the series. In the final book there are two separate story lines, one of them, even if it does tie in at the very end, has not so much bearing on the whole story except to provide the reasoning for how the characters in the more important thread manage to avoid certain consequences. In fact, this latter thread, the one that deals with the implacable human enemy knows as the Fallers, is by far the most interesting, the thread amongst the three books that kept me highly motivated to keep reading. In fact the Kress trilogy is somewhat similar to Blindsight in that both postulate alien races that are more than just humans who speak a different language. Anyway that’s about all I can say about the third book without giving away a lot of the series.

I spent my weekend reading sharing time between more of J. G. Ballard’s tremendous Vermilion Sands stories, moving forward some in Larry Niven’s Known Space universe (and fortunately the stories are getting a lot better), and reading a few in Michael Swanwick’s Tales from Old Earth. Will talk about these more later…


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