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What I’m Watching Update

Posted by Mike on December 6, 2006

I wrote a post a little while back about what I’m keeping up with on TV. It’s here:


This is my update, now that most of the shows have finished their initial run or close.


No real change on Heroes, which is a mix of a lot of good and bad things. I find the acting to be pretty terrible for the most part, although they’re adding Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who #9) to the cast starting in January which ought to bring that up quite a bit. Apparently they’re also adding George Takei (Sulu) as Hiro’s father. This show is doing well enough that cancellation isn’t on the horizon and there’s some interesting ideas, including supervillain Silar who brings an intense level of darkness to the show.

Heroes, NBC, 9 PM, B-


I haven’t managed to keep up with Veronica Mars over the last few weeks but should catch up over the holidays, I’m hearing the first run ended on a high note including drawing in a crowd that might, if it keeps up, prevent the show from being cancelled. Friday Night Lights is still the best new show of the season, although last night’s ep was perhaps a bit under par. Excellent acting and realism keeps the interest high.

Friday Night Lights, NBC, Monday, 10 PM, A-
Veronica Mars, CW, Tuesday, 9 PM, incomplete


They’re moving Lost to 10 PM starting next year, which basically pushes me off the fence into not caring. It’s a show whose cast has gotten so gigantic and unwieldy that months go by before parts of the stories are returned to. At least if I hear the rest of S3 picks up again, I can catch the DVD. For now, moving it next to South Park kills it for me (and SP’s initial Season 10 run was probably the best in a few years). The good news on Wednesday night is Jericho, which seems to be steadily improving. Some lumps still need to be ironed out, but this is probably the second best new show this year after FNL and well worth watching. 

Jericho, CBS, 7 PM, B+
Lost, ABC, 9 PM, D
South Park, Comedy Central, 10 PM, B+


Smallville will probably always be that show at the bottom of the pile for me, a fun watch but not one I feel religious about, it’s so full of cheese and silliness it can be offputting at times. 30 Rock has moved to Thursdays and I feel about the same for both it and the Office, neither are perfect but provide occasional big laughs. 

Smallville, CW, 8 PM, C-
The Office, NBC 8:30 PM, B-
30 Rock, NC 9:30 PM, B


I feel terrible BSG is moving to Sunday nights at 10 PM, as I’m generally fast asleep by then, so this will be a delayed watch for me. It’s a shame because it’s still an amazing piece of work, with everything across the board working. Last Friday’s episode was a wonderful mix of dark emotions and finally a sort of resolution for an ongoing thread. Doctor Who is about to go into Season 2’s worst stretch (all of which I’ve already seen) so at this point I may just be checking out BSG for the duration. 

Heroes (repeat), 7 PM, Sci-Fi
Doctor Who (US airing), 8 PM, Sci-Fi, B
Battlestar Galactica, 9 PM, Sci-Fi, A- (overall A)


3 Responses to “What I’m Watching Update”

  1. Mike B. said

    Hey Mike. Cathy and I have been watching BSG on DVD. We enjoyed the first season and now are about 1/3 through 2.0. This series is so unlike television in that it has realistic characters and plots (mostly) even though it is scifi. I’ve got my fingers crossed that they keep the quality up. Cath is just addicted to the show. Every night she asks me if I want to stay up another hour to watch just one more episode. 🙂

  2. Mike said

    The quality seems to have stayed strong through the closer of 3.0. I thought the most recent season was a bit up and down, but mostly very strong (a couple eps were among the series best). Mike, I’d highly recommend checking out Deadwood as well, that scores tops for realism in TV. The Shield is pretty close too.

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