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Press 1 to continue

Posted by Mike on October 16, 2006

I’ve noticed a change in the Wells Fargo automated telephone service that I find baffling. You call, you enter your account number, and then your pin number for confirmation. The next message is “Press 1 to Continue.” No other options. Does anyone who gets this far actually not want to continue? Nah, just felt like punching my account number and information into the telephone, thanks, bye!

I think I need a new category called “Seinfeld” or “Larry David” for this sort of thing.


2 Responses to “Press 1 to continue”

  1. Mike B said

    I’ve been through a couple of voicemail systems with this “feature”. Perplexing. Perhaps it avoids certain automated dialers?

  2. Mike said

    Good question. The best thing about automated dialers these days is that split second pause at the beginning of the conversation after you pick up the phone that gives you just enough time to hang up. 😀

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