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Books/CDs Received; Updates; Grant Morrison – The Invisibles: Volume 3 Anarchy in the U.K.; Richard K. Morgan – Altered Carbon; Lucius Shepard “On the Border;” “Delta Sly Honey;” etc.

Posted by Mike on October 2, 2006


  • Neil Gaiman – Sandman Vol. 5
  • Neil Gaiman – Sandman Vol. 6
  • Stephane Grabinski – The Dark Domain
  • Alan Moore – V for Vendetta
  • Grant Morrison – Invisibles Vol. 4
  • Zoran Zivkovic – Seven Touches of Music
  • Fritz Leiber – The Sinful Ones
  • Fritz Leiber – The Second Book of Fritz Leiber
  • Flann O’Brien – The Third Policeman
  • Richard K. Morgan – Broken Angels
  • Fritz Leiber – Gather, Darkness!


  • Hank Mobley – Workout
  • Lee Morgan – The Gigolo
  • Lee Morgan – Tom Cat
  • Blue Mitchell – Boss Horn
  • Andrew Hill – Smoke Stack
  • The Mars Volta – Amputechture
  • Meshuggah – Catch Thirtythree
  • Mastodon – Blood Mountain

Massive update time. Going backwards in time from this morning, I’ve spent a lot of my free time doing a second viewing on the new Battlestar Galactica series, thanks to picking up seasons 2.0 and 2.5 for $30 a pop at Costco last week. It’s difficult to decide what my favorite drama on TV is, but right now it’s BSG at least until I watch Deadwood or the Shield again. It’s even better the second time around, and I had apparently missed one episode entirely in 2.0 and bits and parts from many eps making some of the viewing like the first time.

Most of this viewing came in between various other activities, including the usual life errands like shopping and laundry. I also was drafted as bartender at my mother’s retirement party this last weekend. Was more or less slammed blending margaritas all evening, less fun because I’m on the tail end of a cold or flu that dates back at least a week and is hanging on tenaciously. My multitasking skills were maxed, to say the least, as I spent the time bartending, catching up with people I haven’t seen in years, and being part-time babysitter for my nephews (one of which ended up with my “tips” for bartending) usually indicated by “It’s your turn!”

So, reading time has been way down, although I’ve managed to finish some things anyway. The Grant Morrison volume is the end of the Invisibles’ first story arc and was my favorite of the collections to date. Morrison is something of a Robert Anton Wilson fan, so it’s fun to see some of Wilson’s ideas come up in the comic, including, of course, the plentiful number 23. Other than that it’s hard to say more without spoiling much of the series to date.

Also finished Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon, which is something of a ripper, a hard-boiled noir story meets future science fiction, with the main idea being that one’s personality can be transferred to a new body with new technology. What’s neat about the book is the way so many of these ideas are thought through in their implications, without bogging it down with the “is the copy the same as the original?” sorts of debates that come up with the subject. While I thought the book slows down in a couple places, at least in that I could put it down without anxiety, for the most part it was a very compelling read and a lot of fun, certainly 11ish on the Gnosis scale.

A couple more Shepard shorts from The Ends of the Earth, including “On the Border,” which posits a near future Mexico with an energy border between the United States and Mexico, a subject very pertinent given today’s immigration issues. The protagonist has found himself a “gringa” and decides what to do with her which is to take her back to the United States. “Delta Sly Honey” is an unsual Vietnam War story about a broadcaster who comes into contact with a legendary unit.

Mostly trying to share time between Nabokov’s delightful and bizarre Pale Fire, Jack McDevitt’s archaeology-in-space opener “The Engines of God,” and am nipping at Jeff VanderMeer’s book of essays called “Why Should I Cut Your Throat.” And to finish up BSG 2.5, so I can get to the new podcasts before Season 3 starts Friday night.


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