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Rums: Zaya; Sea Wynde

Posted by Mike on August 24, 2006

Recently taken up a bit of interest in various quality rums, so I figured I’d talk about a couple recently on the palate.

Probably the best premium brand I’ve tried recently is this Guatemalan 12 year old called Zaya. This is a very sweet dark rum, sugary, honey, sherry, burnt sugar, molasses. Absolutely smooth and elegant. It seduces you with its drinkability until you stand up.

The other is something of a contrast, a pot still rum called Sea Wynde, apparently a product of Jamaica & Guyana. This is a much drier tasting rum, the sugar seems more back of the tongue and it reminds me more of a drier sherry in some ways, but like anything over 80 proof (this says 46% alc/vol) it has a bit of a sting to it. I think I need to add a bit of water to it and see what happens.

My running favorite, especially for the price is the Pyrat XO reserve, maybe I’ll talk more about it when I break open the new bottle. 


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