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Lucius Shepard – “The Jaguar Hunter”

Posted by Mike on August 16, 2006

I had no idea, but this story, what I’d consider the best of what I’ve read of his fiction so far (and that is saying something), can be found here. For those who know what I mean, I’d call it a Gnosis 14 easy. You can also find other links to more recent stories (mostly at scifiction.com) at the Wikipedia entry here. So go get introduced.


4 Responses to “Lucius Shepard – “The Jaguar Hunter””

  1. Øystein said

    In case you don’t know of it, here’s a good resource for links to science fiction stories that are available online: http://www.freesfonline.de/

    A good deal of Shephard on there, too.

    I didn’t like the Shephard story you sent me the link to a while back, but I’ll give this one a shot sometime this weekend. (The other one was something about a couple of bully-kids stumbling into a snuff-gang and getting… snuffed)

    NP: Gracious – Gracious!

  2. Mike said

    From the descrip it sounds like the story you’re talking about was by Joe. R. Lansdale (The Night They Missed the Horror Show), not Lucius Shepard.


  3. Øystein said

    D’oh, you’re quite right. You were talking about them at about the same time, so my synapses clearly snapped and went postal on each other ;_;

  4. Mike said

    Shepard is definitely the better writer. I like Lansdale’s stuff, but there’s a bit of shtick to it with the “southern raconteur” voice. Shepard, I think, has a literature-quality level of prose and far more character and relationship-driven stories.

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