Mike’s Prattle


Holiday for the soul

Posted by Mike on July 11, 2006

After an intense April-June, I decided to take a break from esoteric interests, which is probably the first time I’ve taken such a break in a few years. A friend called it a holiday for the soul, which works for me.

It has been nice, to say the least, and kind of strange because my dream activity has been through the roof in the last week. I have one dream or maybe type of dream that has been recurring for as long as I can remember and I had one this morning in full technicolor detail. I can’t really describe the dream, as it’s somewhat meaningless without longwinded explanation, but every time I have one, I feel like the dream is just a little longer, as if the story of the dream develops a little more every time. 

Daevid Allen’s lyrics (from You and “You’ll Never Blow Yr Trip Forever”):

the more you know
the more you know you
don’t know what you know

are really capturing the current paradigm of late.


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