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Posted by Mike on June 21, 2006

The following thoughts are somewhat preliminary to say the least, but they're something of an attempt to observe linked synchronicities at a remove. I'm defining the synchronicity here less as a meaningful coincidence and more as a coincidence that is seemingly meaningful.

Aleister Crowley once said (and I paraphrase) that in esoteric work one is likely to encounter a lot of strange things and that one shouldn't attach meaning to them. I have an urge to want to elicit meaning from every synchronicity that occurs, to use any tool available to try and interpret a symbol or weird event and to give it meaning. These efforts tend to create more synchronicities and solve none, linking outward in an ineffable grid of coincidences. I managed to create or manifest a grid like this about 4-6 weeks ago starting with a particular symbol that arose subconsciously that ended up taking me through a number of astonishing links, some through research of various types, some occurences in real time that are inexplicable. 

It demonstrates to some extent how the brain tries hard to derive meaning from the environment and how one has the tendency to attach some sort of meaning to weird occurences. And in doing so it's like you construct boundaries around the event and hem it in, perhaps curtailing the experience and devaluing it. It's as if the mind has its own detective, an investigator that can't live with a mystery. One that wants to know for sure that Professor Plum committed the murder with a monkeywrench.

One can only relate to the environment (inner or outer) through one's own prior experience. Even if the mind encounters something outside of experience, it tries to interpret the experience through what one already knows and the result is almost always incomplete in some way. To remain the detached observer is far more difficult than I would have expected, especially with the "what's it all for?" question ringing in your ears. Getting used to the idea that the envelope in the middle of the board is actually empty demands application and reapplication. In many ways this blog entry is a calibration of sorts and to remind myself of Uncle Al's important statement.


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