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Books/Lucius Shepard – Green Eyes/Deadwood

Posted by Mike on June 20, 2006

Got some more stuff in:

  • Alexander Theroux – Darconville's Cat
  • Richard Matheson – Collected Stories, Volume One
  • James Patrick Kelly – Think Like a Dinosaur & Other Stories
  • Rikki Ducornet – The Jade Cabinet
  • Rikki Ducornet – The Fountains of Neptune
  • Richard F. Burton (translator) – Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, Part 1
  • Stephen R. Donaldson, ed. – Strange Dreams
  • Franz Kafka – Collected Stories
  • Harlan Ellison – Angry Candy
  • Frances Sherwood – The Book of Splendor
  • Theodore Sturgeon – Microcosmic God, Collected Stories 2
  • Theodore Sturgeon – Thunder & Roses, Collected Stories 4
  • Alasdair Gray – Poor Things
  • Alfred Kubin – The Other Side
  • Lance Olsen – Girl Imagined By Chance
  • Amanda Prantera – The Cabalist
  • M. John Harrison – Light

Also finished Lucius Shepard's first novel called Green Eyes. It's probably one of his longest works, which isn't big by today's standards at small font and 275 pages (most of Shepard's work falls in the novella length or shorter). It's about the intersection of Voudoun and science, about zombies (although not your Romero type, those here seem post-human) revivified through bacteria. Some great ideas overall and generally well written except that the flow of the book seems a bit awkward at times and the last section of the book was a bit rushed in comparison to the rest of it. But the concept of the revivification in voudoun terms was a pretty fascinating area where science and mysticism meet, in fact some of the explanations were almost hard SF, something I wouldn't have necessarily expected from Shepard. However, this is a novel probably considered minor in his canon and I'm about to go through some of his better short stories soon.

Watching Deadwood a second time through (Seasons 1 and 2) before I dive into the Season 3 episodes that started just over a week ago. Probably my favorite show on television, gritty and realistic.


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